Jesters Have Deep Souls

jester captain jack sparrow

You’re  looking at a well known fictional Jester, Captain Jack Sparrow, as played by Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The character was created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.

The Jester personality takes great delight in inciting a group with humor and cunning remarks.  How silly is that?  Jesters want to make others happy and often use their  vast talents to change other people’s impressions of a situation or event.  Former President Bill Clinton was a good example when he said “Being president is like running a cemetery: you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody’s listening.”

 On the feminine side of noted Jesters, is comedian Joan Rivers


jester joan rivers


She became famous for cutting herself down to size by saying what other people think. This was according to her.

And here are a few more of her gems just for giggles:

“I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was, ‘The man goes on top and the woman underneath.’  For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds.”

“I have a wonderful psychiatrist that I see maybe once a year, because I don’t need it. It all comes out onstage.”

“I must admit I am nervous about getting Alzheimer’s. Once it hits, I might tell my best joke and never know it.”

So you see, these Jesters have deep souls and are often being funny admittedly in a self-deprecating manner. They say things to sooth their own souls.


jester word cloud


The Jester’s great fear is to be boring, so they go out into the world to make others laugh. Their positive impact is that they see the funny side of everything and wield humor for the common good.  The Jester’s weakness is that they sometimes spend too many minutes in frivolity and waste time doing it.  They will avoid doing things that are boring, even if those things are important.

So why bother with putting up with one?  Executives should hire the type of jester Shakespeare gave King Lear, a confidant used to tell the king what he saw as the truth, which he was licensed to do.

In fact, as part of his role the jester would constructively mock the monarch.   A skilled jester might comment, “Me thinks the king confuses the court with verbiage” when the King yapped too much.  This could be a face-saver for the King or Executive!

Jesters have the gift for telling  truth and imparting wisdom. At the highest level, they do so softly, in a way that others can hear and respond to positively.  Yet, many of the Jester’s friends wish he or she was more serious.  It’s difficult to carry on an important conversation with a jokster making quips at odds with the topics at hand.   The Jester believes that life is lived in the moment.  If all we have is today, we should live each day to the fullest.

Worse,  Jesters can be evil and petty. Their scathing wit and even quicker tongue can deliver cutting, sarcastic lines, critical remarks, and cruel jokes. Their humor can be twisted to be hurtful.  They might also tend toward con-artistry or other forms of manipulation.




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