Brand Yourself an Explorer. . .

If you are very aware of your innate love of freedom.  You are in the midst of a personal journey all on your own / by yourself / in relative isolation.  It frustrates you to have someone around who wants to know what you’re doing now and what you’ll do next.  The someone could be a significant other, friend, workmate, spouse or parent.

These people in your life probably perceive you as often remote, closed down and unfriendly.   Don’t think there’s a thing the matter with you.  These folks may be dedicated to caregiving or control and innovation.  Likely they are not like you.  They are not dedicated to freedom.  And you are not wrong.

Explorers usually start their course as young children.  They may not want to hold Mom’s hand when crossing the street.  As adults they enjoy private hobbies, thrive at being along rather than travelling with a group and generally walk to the beat of a different drummer.

You possess an impressive, self-reliant mix of enthusiasm, quick thinking, and ingenuity. that can lead to impressive personal and professional accomplishments. Comfortable with uncertainty and minimally concerned with preparation, these personality types simply adapt and overcome as events present themselves.  For instance, have you waited until the last minute to finish a project, yet scored a big success?

This versatile decisiveness doesn’t mean commitment though.

Explorers enjoy being free of obligations, where they can indulge themselves or their interests on their own time. An Explorer will design and build a dream house, enthralled with the process, but end up procrastinating on simple repairs and mantenance after a few years. You are highly motivated when steering through something interesting, but don’t like being restrained by anything “mandatory.”

Rather than forcing relationships into or out of existence though, Explorers let things flow naturally.  Compatible people simply become a part of their lives often because Explorers are extremely spontaneous.  You likely adapt to your environment with senses of immediacy, fun and passion.  This trait signals great success throughout life.