Whatever Could Go Wrong?

Men want to feel committed to their partners, but they ‘re confused about whether they’ve consciously chosen them..

This is the conundrum that erupts when relationships are founded on convenience.  Maybe it seems smart and feels good to save money by living together.  Maybe no one else wants either of you.

This sort of ambiguity interferes with the process of claiming the people we love. A life built on top of “let’s try it” does not feel as dedicated as a life built on the “we do” commitment of marriage.

Couples who move in together with differing levels of commitment and those who use “shacking up”  as a test, are at high risk for poor relationship quality and eventual collapse of the relationship leading to serial cohabitation.

Do you get that your guy is foggy about the two of you?

That fact is the primary reason why you’ll benefit from making a list of his best traits.  Those are the ones most important to you and the ones to cultivate.  From your list you’ll find the clues to lead him to the alter.  When you begin highlighting them, you’ll find your boyfriend’s morphed into a husband and boosted you to the top of your desired pedestal!

Push yourself to create a list of the reasons you want him for the rest of your life.  Each of those reasons are tools to allow you to lead your relationship. Yes you can.  It’s designated by your female gender.   Remember, he’s befuddled and confused.  You are skillful, positive and believable!  Trust your feminine instincts.  They are your gifts.

Here’s a list of “Boyfriend Traits.”  See some that apply?  List them all explore the others that you want to apply for a strong commitment.

  • Educated
  • Thoughtful
  • Handsome
  • Good Family and Friends
  • Patient
  • Sexy
  • Fun
  • Communicative
  • Flexible
  •  Makes Time for You
  • Goal Oriented

Now you’ve created your own guide to enduring qualities.  Consult it often and be aware of which traits you’ll begin polishing promoting and preserving.