Everyman Wants to Belong

everyman - blake shelton

The Everyman accepts and cuddles others. They like being around people who know and enjoy good-natured humor and laidback charm.

So do you recognize Blake Shelton’s photo above? He’s one of the judges on TV’s “The Voice” He’s an awesome example of the good ol’ boy Everyman Personality.

Modeled by the Guy or the Girl Next Door, Everyman archetypes are wholesome and genuine This makes them hugely likeable.

The Everyman manifests the American ideals of hard work and honesty, and lives by common sense values and authenticity. They feel no need for pretense. They don’t measure themselves with status symbols.

Motto: All men and women are created equal

Basic desire: Connection with others

Objective: Belonging to a group

Fear: Being left out

Strategy: Common Sense

Weakness: Losing one’s own personality

Stages: Feeling abandoned and  alone. Becoming a  Joiner, accepted, Evolving as a humanitarian, believing in natural dignity of every person.

Shadow: Willing to be abused rather than be alone, gangs, mob members, becoming a victim, using prior misfortunes as an excuse.

Qualities: friendly, unpretentious, orderly, reliable, persuasive. believing in natural dignity of every person.