Everyman Wants to Belong

everyman - blake shelton

The Everyman accepts and cuddles others. They like being around people who know and enjoy good-natured humor and laid-back charm.  So do you recognize Blake Shelton’s photo above?  He’s one of the judges on TV’s “The Voice” He’s an awesome example of the good ol’ boy Everyman Personality.Modeled by the Guy or the Girl Next Door, Everyman archetypes are wholesome and genuine This makes them hugely likeable.

The Everyman manifests the American ideals of hard work and honesty, and lives by common sense values and authenticity. They feel no need for pretense. They don’t measure themselves with status symbols.

The Everyman archetype often acts as the stand-in for the audience.  Most protagonists in realistic fiction represent the Everyman archetype. Some famous examples include Marty McFly from Back to the Future, and classical literary heroes Huck Finn and Atticus Finch.  Tim Allen as Mike Baxter in TV’s Last Man Standing is wholly an Everyman personality.

These men and women are dependable and trustworthy.  They are down-to-earth folks who qualify as straight shooters and join groups in a heartbeat. Think of the Boyscouts, the” Me Too” movement or the Baptist Church. Sometimes Everyman’s individual identity gets lost in the mix because they so yearn to “BELONG.”  Everyman types are naturally family focused.  This makes them outstanding potential marriage partners.

They think that worrying is a total waste of time. Good and bad things will happen in life. They keep living and don’t often experience anxiety over what can’t be controlled. Everyman types have a shining value system.

Welcoming and inviting, The Everyman is  family and group focused serving a basic need that is not extravagant or over the top.  He or She represents the Silent Majority.

everyman - maya rudolf

Everyman examples naturally are bleak for women who indeed count heavily in the catagory.  Let’s bring on Maya Rudolf, who fits in beautifully.

Her father, Richard Rudolf is a well known musician and music producer. Her grandfather changed the family name from”Rudashevsky” to “Rudolph,” and became a founding member of Temple Beth Shalom near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Maya’s mother, Minnie Rudolf Riperton, was a famous soul and jazz singer.  She passed in 1972.  Together they produced Maya, a highly noted Black/Jewish Everywoman. 

She’s recently appeared on The Good Place on NBC in 2018, and earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

Saturday Night Live  has depended on her talents for 143 episodes.   She’s excelled as a fabulous impressionist taking on the likes of Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.  Her family life revolves around her partner and four children.

Maya is active in  The Minnie Riperton Fund and Concern Foundation, which provides essential funding to early stage of discovery of cancer within the laboratories of the most promising cancer immunotherapies.