Why You Like a Funny Guy!!


Funny Guy

Andy Kaufman

It may start in the classroom but evolves in maturity to an important part of Sexual Selection.  In Biology this is the term for how we display preferences by one sex for certain characteristics in individuals of the other sex.  Men desire women who think they’re funny.  Lucky for us women!

Evolutionary psychologists say that a sense of humor is a sign of intellect and strong genes. To women, who are more selective, because of the burdens associated with pregnancy, funny men are attractive because of the genetic benefit for potential offspring.

When you have much else to go on, a witty person who uses humor in a clever, original way is signaling lots of information, including intelligence, creativity, and even parts of their personality like playfulness and openness to experiences.

In addition to the pull women feel toward funny men, men find women more attractive when they laugh. This could be since laughter signifies enjoyment and interest, or connection and understanding — all desirable qualities in a potential mate.  Nice how it all works together!

Whether he likes to show off with slapstick, puns, long stories or teasing, LAUGH!  A woman who laughs at a man’s jokes indicates an interest in him, and this spurs even further interest on the part of your guy.

This article has been excerpted from the book Humor’s Hidden Power: Weapon, Shield and Psychological Salve, by Nichole Force, M.A.

The Magician Makes Things Happen

Steve Jobs


The Magician is a Jungian archetype associated with mystery, and transformation. In our contemporary world, one of the best examples of The Magician is Steve Jobs.

He displayed  an innate relationship of potential and possibility.  A thinker, a weaver, The Magician is a powerful and dynamic archetype with many variants.  Often The Magician is associated with the intellect and can easily bridge the inner world of mind and spirit to the outer world of creation and physical manifestation. The Magician usually has charisma and is well-liked and admired by others. The outer expression of the Magician can be seen in the constant learner, the drive to gain knowledge of the outside world and understanding through books, teachers and other formal methods of education. The inner expression of the Magician can be seen in the intuition. The Magician learns from the inner experience of intuiting and then trusting that inner information through action.

MOTTO Anything is possible

GOAL Make dreams come true
Bring visions to life
Create something from nothing
Effect transformations

FEAR Addiction Breaking promises
Under delivering
Unintended negative consequences


MLK (1)

Martin Luther King thrived on power and legacy. He achieved transformation in a previously unimaginable way. He redefined common perceptions and empowered people to affect change alongside him. Driven by the need to fulfill his vision for racial equality, Martin Luther King  can be considered a personification of

The Enlightened Magician will have experienced some kind of initiation, often painful or humiliating, that opens the doors to their own transformation from shadow to light. He thrived with innovation. King re-framed challenges as opportunities. He was able to see possibility, and through inventiveness, and set off a chain reaction.

Goal: To make dreams come true, understand the laws of the universe

Greatest fear: Unintended negative consequences

Weakness: Becoming manipulative

Talent: Finding win-win solutions, imagining a better future


Magician Archetype Shim Lin

The Stage Magician pictured here is Shim Lin, the all time winner of America’s Got Talent.  He is a way to look at this archetype and see it in action. The stage magician uses illusion to create an atmosphere and can be used to distract or give others a false impression. Magicians are dedicated to creating an otherworldly atmosphere where anything is possible. This allows the audience to suspend reality and open their minds to possibilities.  Shim Lin, Stage Magician

Goal: Transformation

Fear: Evil sorcery

Response to Problem: Transform it

Task: Align self with cosmos

Gift: Personal power

Addictions: Power, hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung





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Boundaries Aren’t All Bad

It Depends If They’re Set in Sand or Cement


“That’s weird,” you say, but concentrate on thinking of your boundaries as tools.  Boundaries as tool can be useful set in Sand or Cement. Follow here to jump-start their awesome power.

We’re using a romantic relationship as an example, but any relationship needing boundaries will improve with these techniques.

Used as a tool, a BOUNDARY IN SAND can result in progress.  Like delaying sexual intercourse until your boyfriend gives you an engagement ring.  This tactic allows you to retain a balance in your own self-image.  It also provides your boyfriend with a goal and ultimately, he gets what he wants.  He’ll consider you more valuable and worthwhile as a woman and a wife.  Since you chose him, you know he’s astute, but the power can be yours.

Whatever the issue or target-person, start with an explanation that comes from your heart:  let him know how desirable he is to you, how much you love his touch, how his kisses are yummy, how perfect it is to be with him.  Ask him if he understands.  If he says yes, draw your line in the sand.  You’ve got his agreement.  Tell him how happy he’s made you. And not just once.  Follow-up is important.  Continue to compliment your boyfriend on his understanding.  He will soon believe in his own wisdom. And you won’t feel guilty about saying, “No.”

These are rigid boundaries. They may be deal-breakers, so take your priorities seriously and from the target-person’s point of view too. 

Of course, you won’t start a relationship with boundaries in cement.  You’ve got to really get to know your guy.  For instance, you both drink alcohol.  You are moderate, but he goes overboard.  Problem??  Wait ’til you experience it twice in a spat.  

Choose a time when you’re both having fun. . .maybe at an event that includes alcohol.  After you notice him on his third drink (you’ve only had one or two), tell him you’re feeling uncomfortable.  

You may even say you’re woozy.   From your heart, tell him the concerns you have for your well-being as a couple… driving home. . .bad headaches. Suggest you switch from drinking to eating (serve him a plate!).  You might ask him to dance.  Spot some friends, take BF by the hand and go meet them.

 Any of these suggestions will result in interrupting the process of being over-served.  When the evening’s finished, gush about the fun you had.

Rinse and repeat.  It may be necessary to approach the subject a couple of times.   Remind him how important moderation is to you and how important HE is to you.  

If you don’t notice a voluntary change in his habits, plan to have THE TALK.  Be sure to touch him during the conversation. Listen to him closely.  Keep a smile going!  Tell him three drinks (or whatever) must be his limit and that’s a boundary set in cement.

In the long-view, boundaries are the lines between where I end, and you begin. Healthy boundaries define who we are in relation to others.

They also help us to know what the extents and limits are with others. Personal boundaries are how we teach people who we are and how we would like to be handled in relationships. Boundaries help you to say, “This is who I am.”

Try it. First list your most important boundaries. Divide them into Sand or Cement categories. The consistent practice of this sorting will light on-going success with any boundary that’s truly important to you. It’s easy to use with adult children and older parents.  Good to share too.

Whatever Could Go Wrong?

Men want to feel committed to their partners, but they ‘re confused about whether they’ve consciously chosen them..

This is the conundrum that erupts when relationships are founded on convenience.  Maybe it seems smart and feels good to save money by living together.  Maybe no one else wants either of you.

This sort of ambiguity interferes with the process of claiming the people we love. A life built on top of “let’s try it” does not feel as dedicated as a life built on the “we do” commitment of marriage.

Couples who move in together with differing levels of commitment and those who use “shacking up”  as a test, are at high risk for poor relationship quality and eventual collapse of the relationship leading to serial cohabitation.

Do you get that your guy is foggy about the two of you?

That fact is the primary reason why you’ll benefit from making a list of his best traits.  Those are the ones most important to you and the ones to cultivate.  From your list you’ll find the clues to lead him to the alter.  When you begin highlighting them, you’ll find your boyfriend’s morphed into a husband and boosted you to the top of your desired pedestal!

Push yourself to create a list of the reasons you want him for the rest of your life.  Each of those reasons are tools to allow you to lead your relationship. Yes you can.  It’s designated by your female gender.   Remember, he’s befuddled and confused.  You are skillful, positive and believable!  Trust your feminine instincts.  They are your gifts.

Here’s a list of “Boyfriend Traits.”  See some that apply?  List them all explore the others that you want to apply for a strong commitment.

  • Educated
  • Thoughtful
  • Handsome
  • Good Family and Friends
  • Patient
  • Sexy
  • Fun
  • Communicative
  • Flexible
  •  Makes Time for You
  • Goal Oriented

Now you’ve created your own guide to enduring qualities.  Consult it often and be aware of which traits you’ll begin polishing promoting and preserving.

Head to Head

Boyfriends to Husbands Couple


” It seems that, even if men say they want a smarter woman, they’re not so into women who threaten their own intelligence. As  researchers put it,  findings suggest that there are “conditions under which self-protective concerns may trump qualities of partners that seem desirable at a distance.” Translation: Men who blow off intelligent women might just be protecting their fragile masculine egos. “  – Huffington Post

The assumption is since you’re reading this, that you’re an intelligent woman.  Here’s what to do with the above information:  Consider TICKLING HIM UNDER THE CHIN!

Education important? Good one!  It’s part of marriage material. Recognize this high earnings potential  in him, but resist competing with him on any level!  That really doesn’t help you towards you goal of a trip down the aisle!

If he’s conversational with you, LISTEN. . .DO NOT COMPETE.  Create an interesting path that will bring you closer, but protect his ego.  Offering to do a bit of research is a good complement.  It will go a long way to creating a bond.

But you can still reflect his standing with your own “smarts.”  Concur with his opinions, ask questions to learn more about his topic.  Show some emotional warmth to the subject. Take notes.  Send fascinating E-mails.  You’ll make a serious visual impression when you do.   Google a topic to take it further. You can bet he’ll brag to his friends!  He’ll appreciate how smart you are without you telling him so.

Rulers Are Everything

ruler - granny downton abbey

Have you guessed correctly?  It’s actress Maggie Smith playing Lady Violet, the The Dowager Countess of Grantham and also referred to as Lady Grantham or “Granny” on Downton Abbey.  She projects the traits of the Ruler personality in every way imaginable !

It turns out that 13% of the population have Ruler traits, making them a fairly common personality type. You’ll want to have these people on your side. They are helpful and caring.  They are devoted to helping those in need.  Rulers have incredibly strong family ties. . .bringing President Donald Trump to mind.

They make decisions using logic, data, and cold, hard facts and hate to get news second hand and are not especially caring about acting properly in public. When an Ruler lets you into  her world, you’ll gain a new appreciation for her genius. They rank among the most  resourceful people on planet Earth.

Both males and females are caring and helpful. They are devoted to protecting and helping out anyone in need. You’ll discover they have have very strong family ties and are quick to leap to the defense of their family.

They can also be too unassertive and pushovers for those who want to take advantage of them. There is no friend to have like an Ruler.

This is because they have a sensitive, considerate side too. . .especially with close friends. Rulers are  some of the most pensive, attentive listeners you’ll ever find. When you’re ready for it you can trust that they’ll give you honest, objective feedback. Rulers are a treasure to have around.

ruler personality cartoon