Questions Are Crucial

“You only live once, but if you do it right,
once is enough”.
-May West

Why Is It Important to Ask Questions?

Our greatest venture is our power to ask questions.  We are born with that power and use it with others from childhood.

 Answers come from other people, from the universe of knowledge and history, and from the intuition and deep wisdom sprouting inside yourself. 

Another big plus is that the search for answers may become even more helpful than the question itself.  Begin asking plenty of questions and you’ll see what I mean.

This is a technique lawyers take advantage of endlessly.

Exactly WHY should we ask questions?  You know most of the answers already, but here are those answers targeted and organized:

acquire knowledge

eliminate confusion

demonstrate humility to another

 enable people to discover answers for themselves

 to gain empathy through better understanding

influence/alter someone else’s opinion/view

to begin a relationship

strengthen a relationship

show we have knowledge on a specific topic

stimulate creativity and idea generation

gain a person’s attention

agree to disagree with clarity

Upcoming will be a collection of question catagories we all live with or perhaps die with.  No worries, the solutions will be short and targeted.    



Published by

Kathie Epeneter

Degree in Communications - Ithaca College Editorial writer and editor Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA Publicist - Buck Owens Enterprises, Bakersfield, CA Writer, Producer - WBEN , Buffalo, NY Sales Executive, ENESCO, Illinois / CA Sales Executive, Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, CA Owner, Coyote Furniture Company, North Las Vegas, NV Influential: (Bumpy News)

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