The Magician Makes Things Happen

Steve Jobs


The Magician is a Jungian archetype associated with mystery, and transformation. In our contemporary world, one of the best examples of The Magician is Steve Jobs.

He displayed  an innate relationship of potential and possibility.  A thinker, a weaver, The Magician is a powerful and dynamic archetype with many variants.  Often The Magician is associated with the intellect and can easily bridge the inner world of mind and spirit to the outer world of creation and physical manifestation. The Magician usually has charisma and is well-liked and admired by others. The outer expression of the Magician can be seen in the constant learner, the drive to gain knowledge of the outside world and understanding through books, teachers and other formal methods of education. The inner expression of the Magician can be seen in the intuition. The Magician learns from the inner experience of intuiting and then trusting that inner information through action.

MOTTO Anything is possible

GOAL Make dreams come true
Bring visions to life
Create something from nothing
Effect transformations

FEAR Addiction Breaking promises
Under delivering
Unintended negative consequences


MLK (1)

Martin Luther King thrived on power and legacy. He achieved transformation in a previously unimaginable way. He redefined common perceptions and empowered people to affect change alongside him. Driven by the need to fulfill his vision for racial equality, Martin Luther King  can be considered a personification of

The Enlightened Magician will have experienced some kind of initiation, often painful or humiliating, that opens the doors to their own transformation from shadow to light. He thrived with innovation. King re-framed challenges as opportunities. He was able to see possibility, and through inventiveness, and set off a chain reaction.

Goal: To make dreams come true, understand the laws of the universe

Greatest fear: Unintended negative consequences

Weakness: Becoming manipulative

Talent: Finding win-win solutions, imagining a better future


Magician Archetype Shim Lin

The Stage Magician pictured here is Shim Lin, the all time winner of America’s Got Talent.  He is a way to look at this archetype and see it in action. The stage magician uses illusion to create an atmosphere and can be used to distract or give others a false impression. Magicians are dedicated to creating an otherworldly atmosphere where anything is possible. This allows the audience to suspend reality and open their minds to possibilities.  Shim Lin, Stage Magician

Goal: Transformation

Fear: Evil sorcery

Response to Problem: Transform it

Task: Align self with cosmos

Gift: Personal power

Addictions: Power, hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung





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