Be Interesting, but . . .Protective

Head to Head

It seems that, even if men say they want a smarter woman, they’re not so into women who threaten their own intelligence. As  researchers put it,  findings suggest that there are “conditions under which self-protective concerns may trump qualities of partners that seem desirable at a distance.” Translation: Men who blow off intelligent women might just be protecting their fragile masculine egos. “  – Huffington Post

The assumption is since you’re reading this, that you’re an intelligent woman.  Here’s what to do with the above information:  Consider TICKLING HIM UNDER THE CHIN!

Education important? Good one!  It’s part of marriage material. Recognize this high earnings potential  in him, but resist competing with him on any level!  That really doesn’t help you towards you goal of a trip down the aisle!

If he’s conversational with you, LISTEN. . .DO NOT COMPETE.  Create an interesting path that will bring you closer, but protect his ego.  Offering to do a bit of research is a good complement.  It will go a long way to creating a bond.

But you can still reflect his standing with your own “smarts.”  Concur with his opinions, ask questions to learn more about his topic.  Show some emotional warmth to the subject. Take notes.  Send fascinating E-mails.  You’ll make a serious visual impression when you do.   Google a topic to take it further. You can bet he’ll brag to his friends!  He’ll appreciate how smart you are without you telling him so.

Published by

Kathie Epeneter

Degree in Communications - Ithaca College Editorial writer and editor Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA Publicist - Buck Owens Enterprises, Bakersfield, CA Writer, Producer - WBEN , Buffalo, NY Sales Executive, ENESCO, Illinois / CA Sales Executive, Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, CA Owner, Coyote Furniture Company, North Las Vegas, NV Influential: (Bumpy News)

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