Rulers Are Everything

ruler - granny downton abbey

Have you guessed correctly?  It’s actress Maggie Smith playing Lady Violet, the The Dowager Countess of Grantham and also referred to as Lady Grantham or “Granny” on Downton Abbey.  She projects the traits of the Ruler personality in every way imaginable !

It turns out that 13% of the population have Ruler traits, making them a fairly common personality type. You’ll want to have these people on your side. They are helpful and caring.  They are devoted to helping those in need.  Rulers have incredibly strong family ties. . .bringing President Donald Trump to mind.

They make decisions using logic, data, and cold, hard facts and hate to get news second hand and are not especially caring about acting properly in public. When an Ruler lets you into  her world, you’ll gain a new appreciation for her genius. They rank among the most  resourceful people on planet Earth.

Both males and females are caring and helpful. They are devoted to protecting and helping out anyone in need. You’ll discover they have have very strong family ties and are quick to leap to the defense of their family.

They can also be too unassertive and pushovers for those who want to take advantage of them. There is no friend to have like an Ruler.

This is because they have a sensitive, considerate side too. . .especially with close friends. Rulers are  some of the most pensive, attentive listeners you’ll ever find. When you’re ready for it you can trust that they’ll give you honest, objective feedback. Rulers are a treasure to have around.

ruler personality cartoon




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Kathie Epeneter

Degree in Communications - Ithaca College Editorial writer and editor Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA Publicist - Buck Owens Enterprises, Bakersfield, CA Writer, Producer - WBEN , Buffalo, NY Sales Executive, ENESCO, Illinois / CA Sales Executive, Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, CA Owner, Coyote Furniture Company, North Las Vegas, NV Influential: (Bumpy News)

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