The Artist Does Not Tolerate Boredom

An Artist Personality, is very open to new ideas.  The right brain functions  are above average.  Generally, others find them aesthetically talented and appreciative.  They rave about great interior decor, make-up, fine art and music. On the down-side, Artists are also very anti-authoritarian.

The way you dress and present yourself may be interpreted as extroverted or introverted. . .depending on what the occasion is. You enjoy being sociable, but like to retreat to a quiet space too.  No, you’re not a loner, you’re an Artist.  Sloppiness is generally a habit.

Life is not likely to be extremely easy for the artist types of people in the world. Because they can tend to take life seriously and they deal with personal criticism and insecurities. Some artist types struggle with depression, anxiety, and addictions.

Artists are up  to taking on stimulating new challenges.  Think of Michael-Angelo when he was deciding to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Or how about Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony during the Classical music period?  These were mammoth undertakings. . . like Cher beginning a world tour at age 72.

The Artist  cannot bear boredom.  She is a self-actualizer using touch, smell, sight and taste.  She can visualize something, and when visualized, she sees exactly how to make it happen. She is usually versatile in the extreme.  If she sings, she may also write or draw or cook.

Understand that of all the personality types, Artists are not people manipulators so they won’t be compelling salespeople.  In their world there is a drive to create and express non-verbally, find daily meaning, have independence, personal space and contribute to the things they believe deeply in.

Anthony Bordain may well have been an Artistic Personality.  He made us see the world through his eyes.  He, like his kind, was great at elaborating or filling in the details.  He perceived life differently from the average person.


Anthony Bourdain

Tony was unconventional, temperamental, stubborn and cynical.  Like most Artists, questioned the rules.  Remember all the times he ate ANYTHING? He was very versatile and adaptable. He was  was often withdrawn.













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Kathie Epeneter

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