Innocence at Any Stage

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Clues to the Innocent  Personality Type jump out with a love of theater, music and make-believe.  We  think of these flashing during childhood.  Innocents can hang on to childlike emotions too. . .displaying goofiness and fits of anger.   Their stubbornness can be a negative problem well unto old age.

If you identify as an Innocent you are distrustful, but when it happens, you’ll fall in love really hard!  Innocents tend to want to give time rather than gifts in love relationships.  It’s what they’d like in return too.  You’re not very demanding and prefer a simplistic sort of lifestyle without a lot of bells and whistles.

You are seen as having rock hard values like honesty and reliability. Toot your horn about this during a job interview. You are cynical, yet hopeful.  This means you are well-balanced at your core.  Others will also note that you are consistently loyal.  You have high cognitive function.  This means you pay attention to your environment for prolonged periods of time. You are highly organized too.  Your sock drawer is rarely a mess.  You are good at keeping track.

On the downside which can be a slippery reality,  Innocents are not good at tending to the emotional needs of others.  Putting this together with the fact that they don’t naturally express their own needs and emotions, life can be hellish.

Money management can be an everyday challenge.  Avoiding conflicts and difficult decisions puts the frosting on this cake of heated anger.  Not finding a remedy for these “weaknesses” could lead to outbursts, breakdowns or  substance abuse.



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Kathie Epeneter

Degree in Communications - Ithaca College Editorial writer and editor Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA Publicist - Buck Owens Enterprises, Bakersfield, CA Writer, Producer - WBEN , Buffalo, NY Sales Executive, ENESCO, Illinois / CA Sales Executive, Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, CA Owner, Coyote Furniture Company, North Las Vegas, NV Influential: (Bumpy News)

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