Being Sage

You may not be a person who occasionally strokes a beard, but you are naturally entertaining and articulate. You brim with wit and wisdom.  You are well known for being expressive, eloquent,  entertaining, gregarious, flamboyant, attention-seeking, loud, and a motor mouth. You tend to be a perfectionist and won’t roll over for anything but what is right and true.

Well known Sages have included Ronald Reagan, Jim Carrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Miley Cyrus and Madonna.  These folks travel the road of Knowledge during their life’s journey.  They soak it all up and turn it to good use in sharing.

For Sages, Knowledge is the first key to self expression.  What do they talk about?  Sages are never lost for words and carry on with everything they know.  As kids, they’ll always want to know why?  Once they know, they’ll pocket the Knowledge then express it to gratify their love of attention and an audience.  If you love an audience, identify as a Sage.

In beginning your journey, you likely used quotes from others starting with, “Teacher said.” As  Sages mature, the sprouting knowledge becomes jokes, stories or songs. Opinions count big-time too.  All the acquired knowledge is rewrapped to be heard by others.  Grandpa at the dinner table is a good example.  He never shuts up, knows plenty and very much enjoys his audience.  Sages are great communicators.

Sages are often recognized as soon as they open their mouths. Their verbal acuity is high and they love to talk.  When children, they find it easy to gather an audience.

  •  Humorous in their observations, Sages rarely miss an opportunity to tell a joke.
  • Sages may look dramatic in appearance and like to be the center of attention.
  • Did you catch the crazy sweater if the picture above?
  • If you are a Sage personality, you make great efforts to comprehend the world around you and then share it. Think preachers and news commentators.
  • Sages are not always original thinkers, preferring to take ideas from others, add  twist and polish to make them their own.  That’s OK.  There’s not an original idea left!
  • As a Sage, you are wonderful at improvisation.  Your well never runs dry.
  • It’s thrilling to think of all the careers that offer success to Sages.


Published by

Kathie Epeneter

Degree in Communications - Ithaca College Editorial writer and editor Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA Publicist - Buck Owens Enterprises, Bakersfield, CA Writer, Producer - WBEN , Buffalo, NY Sales Executive, ENESCO, Illinois / CA Sales Executive, Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, CA Owner, Coyote Furniture Company, North Las Vegas, NV Influential: (Bumpy News)

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